10 Clever Kitchen Organization Tips

Clever Kitchen OrganizationA clever kitchen organization is needed in every kitchen regardless of the size. Contrary to popular belief, implementing Kitchen Organization Ideas are not difficult or time-consuming. It gets even better as following effective Kitchen Organization Tips is worth every resource spent. Having a well-organized kitchen makes cooking and entertaining easy and fun.

It can be frustrating when you almost always have to search through cabinets for kitchen utensils and other items and if you fall within this category of people, it is important you consider some of the kitchen organization tips mentioned below for a better and more efficient kitchen. Efficiency, effectiveness, and ease are the three watchwords for organizing the kitchen and this can be seen in virtually every Kitchen Organization Blog.

More Effective Stove Area

The stove area of every chef is the area around the stove top where the different cooking items can be easily located. The content of this area will depend on the items that are use more regularly. To make the area more effective, it is important to keep such items in a tray or any other thing that can contain these items and will give you easy access to them. Depending on your budget, the item might be anything from a simple tray to an expensive one that fits the kitchen d├ęcor. The ultimate aim however is to ensure the items can be easily accessed.

Hang Pots and Pans

Professional chefs will usually have their pots and pans hung in their kitchens. You however do not have to be a professional for your kitchen to be that well-organized. It is also not a compulsory requirement to have a large kitchen space to do this.

S-hooks can be used in this instance and you can be sure of getting excellent results. Another option will be the installation of a handrail against the well and subsequently using several S-hooks for hanging the pans and pots. This ensures easy accessibility of the items and more space in your cupboard.

Free Your Sink Area

The sink area is one of the most-cluttered areas in the kitchen and just as done with stove area, a simple kitchen organization technique with the use of trays will go a long way in making the kitchen more effective and efficient. Brushes, sponges and other such items should be kept in trays or any other container for easy access.


One does not need to have a plant to recycle items and recycling should be done by everybody. In the case of the kitchen, similar trash items should be collected in distinct bins, with each of the bins labelled for easy recognition. This keeps the kitchen more attractive as opposed to having all the trash piled up in one bag.

Spice up your Spices

This might sound funny, but have you considered adding some spice to your spices by putting them in canning and glass jars. This does not only make them easily accessible, it is also makes them look uniform compared to when they are stored in their original packaging. It is worth noting that while this might take some of your time, the benefits are definitely worth the try. This singular act saves you money and space as you only have to refill the jars when needed which is usually more cost-effective.


Pruning for as little as ten minutes daily or even weekly will go a long way to keep your kitchen organized. The three Es of organizing the kitchen should be followed. Ease, Efficiency, and Effectiveness are the key to keeping your kitchen organized.

Set up Functional Areas

An effective Kitchen Cabinet Organization will be to set up your cabinet or drawer in a way that makes them functional and fulfill their purposes. It is important to avoid having a cabinet or drawer serve multiple purposes as it defeats the aim of having an organized kitchen.

Avoid Emotional Attachment

Emotions often play a big part in the way a kitchen is organized and in most cases; we end up muddling up the different items in the kitchen and eventually having a rather disorganized and inefficient kitchen. It is therefore important that emotions are taken out of the picture as much as possible.

Use the right lighting

The power of lighting in a room is usually overlooked; a good lighting can however make the difference between a comfortable kitchen and uncomfortable one. A good lighting also makes the kitchen more functional, increasing the efficiency of the different areas of the kitchen.

Use Shelf Organizers

Shelf organizers come in different styles and designs and are pretty affordable. Using sliding or hanging organizers will help for easier storage.